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By Lisa on 28 Apr 2022
I was initially so happy that they could take our pup in for a full grooming, due to a cancellation they had. We are new to the area, & recently adopted our sweet little rescue. She was in dire need of a grooming, & we were referred here by her foster family. We made it clear over the phone at least 2x (both my husband & I spoke to them at different times) that I suffer from SEVERE asthma/allergies & am highly sensitive to perfumes, fragrances, etc. We made sure they understood that they could not use ANY scented or perfumed products on our dog. I also asked if there were any smokers working there, as that would also be a problem for me. When I dropped her off, I reminded them about the fragrances, as well as a medical issue concerning our pup. They assured me that they understood. In all honesty, Jenny did a beautiful job grooming her, & I feel she was gentle, caring & skilled at her craft. She was knowledgeable, informative, and the place was beautiful. If this review was based only on the grooming, it would be 5 stars. Out of fairness, I will still give a three. Here is the problem - and for me, it is a HUGE one: After all my careful communication, our dog left there absolutely reeking of perfume!🤢😵‍💫. I wore a mask & I thought I was experiencing the fragrances used on other dogs while I was inside the building.😷 I thought I would be fine when I got back outside. After I took her to potty & got her back in my car, it only took a few minutes to trigger my asthma as well as full blown allergic reactions, including a severe migraine & coughing. I opened all my windows & drove straight home. Now my dog, my clothing, the dog bedding in my car, as well as my car’s interior now also have to all be thoroughly cleaned, while I had to use my heavy-duty rescue meds. Even after showering, I can’t get the smell off my skin & hair where it touched my dog - especially my hands. With tip, this cost me almost $100. When I called to report what happened, Jenny assured me that they did not use fragranced products on my dog, and said I could try to wipe the dog down with paper towels, vinegar & water, to neutralize the smell. Previous experiences with triggering products has taught me that it does not work, but I tried it anyway. As expected, it did’nt work, as vinegar doesn’t remove the oils used in perfumes. Jenny did apologize, & mentioned that her bather may have been wearing perfume, & that she didn’t think that she herself had applied perfume today. For me, it doesn’t matter..if the end result is that my animal comes out smelling of fragrance…whether it be from grooming products or transferred chemical odors/ perfumes…it is still unacceptable & dangerous for me. I understand that people make mistakes, and this is why I must take precautions to protect myself. People don’t realize how adversely their choice of personal products can affect others. This was almost 3 hrs ago, and I’m still so sick that I may have to go to Urgent Care for a shot. All I can hope is that when people communicate that they have a SEVERE health issue… do NOT take it lightly! I don’t have that choice, and now must spend hours (yes, hours, if not the entire rest of the day) due to the severity of my reaction and immune response) and even more money to make my own car, dog, & home safe for me. This will end up costing me MUCH more than the $100, as well as what it did to me physically. In addition, I will have to take the dog elsewhere, and pay to have another FRAGRANCE FREE bath. And that is if I can even find anywhere that can take her TODAY! To say that I am completely hurt & disappointed is truly an understatement. To add insult to injury, after he called to try to speak with someone, my husband received a text which subsequently blamed the scent issue on fabric softener. Nope. Let’s just say that though fabric softener is also dangerous for me, my lungs & entire respiratory system know perfume when it is encountered. 😮‍💨 100% disappointed! 😔

By Lillian on 03 Apr 2022
The staff was absolutely wonderful. They were great to my girl and so patient. I can't thank them enough.

By Deidre on 20 Mar 2022
Friendly staff. Barkley always comes back smelling fresh and clean. Love the bandanas and photo shoots!

By Taylor on 12 Dec 2021
Dropped my dog off here for his first grooming. The staff was wonderful and took great care of my boy. He came back smelling so fresh and was super happy. I'll definitely be going back and recommend this wonderful establishment to friends and family 🥰

By Sandy on 11 Dec 2021
Brought my dog in for a bath. They did a wonderful job. Her fur was so nice and soft and smelled great too. And I was finally able to have the nails clipped right. I highly recommend this place

By Kate on 26 Oct 2021
My puppy Belmont came in on Oct 26th. This was my first time using a dog grooming service and Dashing Dog in general. They absolutely took very well care of Belmont, spruced up some troublesome areas and she looks so amazing! I would definitely recommend them and look forward to taking her again. Perfect place if your puppy needs an experience and some pampering.

By Deidra on 05 Aug 2021
This is my first time using this business. My dog groomer retired and I was directed to them. I set an appointment and got a text message an hour and a half before the appointment that the groomer didn't feel well and wouldn't be in. they said they would upgrade my services, despite me already buying the most exclusive package. I said that that was fine, could they please reschedule immediately as I need the dog groomed. After 2 hours they respond with one time that they're willing to groom the dog and when I told them I had an appointment on that day they told me just to take my dog to PetSmart and good luck in my future.

By Daniel on 23 Jun 2021
I called and made an appointment and was told I would receive email or text confirmation before the appointment. My appointment was scheduled for 6/21/21. On Friday 6/18/21 I had never received any confirmation. I called and the girl I talked to said she did not see my dogs appointment. I was told they had just changed their computer system recently. She said she would talk to the scheduler when she came in. She said they would not be able to groom my dog on 6/21/21, but she would have the scheduler call me. I told her not to bother... If this it the way the business is run, I will take my dog elsewhere.... The appointment was DEFINITELY not made at a different salon. The girl was able to look up that I had my dog there previously. She also asked me if I had received an email with your new pricing structure. Sounds like your salon to me. Just admit that you screwed up... I have never taken my dog to any other groomer in this area..

By Penelope on 03 Jun 2021

By Sue on 02 Jun 2021

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