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By Sherri on 21 Dec 2021
Training is wonderful here and the ladies are very helpful and knowledgeable! The sooner you start, the better things will be with you fur baby!!

By Shelby on 08 Sep 2021
I had my cat groomed there yesterday. It was the very best I have ever had. He was clean and smells beautiful. She gave him a bath. She was ale to brush him instead of just shaving him. He has really long hair it had to a real job not to just shave him! Very good price for all that work!

By Andy on 04 Sep 2021
My puppy absolutely loves going here. The interaction is great and trainers are excellent.

By sarah on 18 Aug 2021
The only place I take my Simease/Himalayan mix for grooming needs!! Great staff, services, and price!!

By Allie on 03 Aug 2021
Nice but not a good lasting impression no hello, have u been here b4, Nothing that made me want to bring my family members back to. Plus u need to work on atmosphere smell omg

By Diane on 05 Jul 2021
Did a wonderful job with my Maine coon cat and was very friendly. Their prices make my wallet smile too haircut and nail trim. Highly recommendwe will return

By Oksana on 05 Jun 2021
Pet got injured, didn’t realise till brought home (son picked up). Called right away, had to leave a message. Took pet to the vet to get multiple stitches and antibiotics which he still on. No sorry, nothing, shifted blame, did not take responsibility. Contacted via text to get pictures to them. Still no sorry, nothing! Do not go to this place. This is not the first injury, the previous ones were minor but this unacceptable! It is not easy to miss. If she did final check up on the dog she would of noticed such huge injury. If they would of said something right away and apologized would of been different story. I can not believe that this small business so unprofessional and does not want to take responsibility for their mistake. I would never go back there and want to warn all other pet lovers. If you do still decide to go, check your pet when you pick up. Because as soon as you walk out it’s on you! After dealing with this situation I found out few other people whose pet got injured there! So beware!

By Denise on 29 May 2021
Very caring trainers that took an interest in all the participants. They would watch and give us tweaks that would help in the training of our dogs. You could tell how much they cared about all our dogs. Always encouraging. Very positive experience.

By John on 20 May 2021
This was my first time taking my pets there for grooming. When I first dropped them off I was shocked at how many dogs they had in their as she called it their daycare/grooming room my dogs were terrified being pulled back there to the point that I almost got them and left but I didn't. I dropped them off at 10:00 am and was told that the groomer didn't come in til 11:00 am which I thought was a little bit odd but anyway I told her how I wanted them cut and went out to my car and sat for about 5 minutes just thinking about what I had just done to my dogs and how terrified they were but they needed a haircut so I drove away only to have those thoughts of what I had done to them for the next 4 and a half hours. When they called at about 230 and told me they were done I headed right over and paid and picked them up. I had my wife with me and she was shocked that what I had told was true. There must have been 20 dogs in that daycare/pet grooming a lot of them caged and one group of them in some kind of a caged in area which is fine if that is how they do things there but for me I felt as if I Had left them there to be tortured. As for the grooming part of it one of my dogs looks like an amateur did it he just looks terrible all chopped up with places not cut and very lumpy looking as for the female I had to get her down when we got home and trim all of the facial hair that was missed and trim her ear hair to at least look presentable but I am not a dog groomer so what do I know. I will not be taking my dogs back there again and would not recommend anyone I knew to take their animal there. As for the 3 stars the only reason I didn't give 2 was because the woman in charge was a very nice person.

By Katie on 04 May 2021
We are new to the area and took our cat here for his first grooming appointment. We are so happy with how Bacio turned out! Marcy did such a nice job... she didn’t shave him bald, which is what we requested. He should be much more comfortable for the summer. Thank you!

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